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The news media is one of the necessities of human life. This medium makes you witness of many ups and downs of society. During the change of times, people do not have a newspaper or magazine in their hand for a while, but they have a mobile phone. With which people easily get a quick and complete idea of ​​news, from home and abroad. So, keeping pace with the times, we are trying to “Social Update” in this new era. Now connected with modern society, news from home and abroad is in your hands. Let’s all get together in a different taste.

Categories provided by us :-


Here we, SocialUpdate, tries to deliver you the every emotion of your Kolkata, the city of joy, in a form of virtual news.


Our India shows unity in diversity. Here we, SocialUpdate create a tour to everywhere in your country by making news.

3. State

West Bengal has 88582 km² area. You can’t go everywhere but here we, SocialUpdate make news of every happening in your state.

4. Districts

23 districts in West Bengal, so many happenings. Here we, SocialUpdate information about the every event of those districts.

5. Foreign

Every moment something is happening outside of our country without your information.  Here, we SocialUpdate gathers those events, in a news format.


“Education is the manifestation of perfection already in man” its application need some updates. Here we, SocialUpdate give you every educational update.

7. Feature

Getting bored by the daily hard news? Want to test some different one? SocialUpdate presents you the feature category, to test the different flavor of the ink of pen

8. Entertainment

Entertainment is always a part of living. We, SocialUpdate provide you every update of your favorite celebrities and glamour world.

9. Sports

From ‘gully cricket’ to Olympic, Sushil Kumar to Ronaldo, here SocialUpdate gathers every sporty information only for you.

10. Lifestyle

Now a day lifestyle is everything. It’s all about fashion, living and trending. We, SocialUpdate give you those updates, you should have.

11. Review

Need an explanation of those mind blowing movies or a suggestion, which movie you shouldn’t miss? Here Social Update have all of your answers.

12. Technology

We are living in a technological era. Here we, SocialUpdate make you update with new information of technology.

13. Special

After quenching the trust of news for the visitors of SocialUpdate there are some miscellaneous categories. So it’s a special category all about those.

14. Travel

In this busy world who didn’t want a tour. We, SocialUpdate will guide you to find imagine your travel destination with some experiences.

15. Photography

The camera gives us the opportunity to capture emotions. Here are some good photos captured by you, the viewers of Social Update and photographic experience shared by professionals.

16. Cartoon

Laugh, laugh, laugh!! Because we, Social Update  introducing you section of the cartoon, which communicates 8 to 80.

We also have an English News Portal. Name of Our English News Portal is: Social Update English News

A company called Hot Coffee Media Private Limited maintains the technical aspect of our website.

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