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Your use of this website ( the acceptance of these terms and conditions from the first date of your use.

We, SocialUpdatehave the rights to change the terms and conditions of this website any time we want by posting the changed terms and conditions online. Continuous use of this websiteafterthe posting of updated/changedterms and conditionscomprises your acceptancy of this agreement.

You are agreeing to use this website only for legal purposes. Your use of this site should not violate the rights to use and enjoyment of the website ( by any other third parties.

The information (images, videos, names,logos, articles, etc.) of the site and the site itselfrelated to us, SocialUpdate are provided “as is” without any representation. SocialUpdate will not be responsible for any damages including, any direct and consequential damages those are raised from the use of the website, without any limitation.

We, SocialUpdatedo not authorize that the functions hold in the material contained in this website will be continual/files with error, if any those imperfections will be cleaned up or corrected.The website and the server what makes things or information available to you are free from any of viruses, bugs or symbolizes the full functionality, accuracy and reliability of the articles and contents.

Copyright restrictions:

Any publication and/or commercial use of the content (articles, images, names, videos, logos) which are showedin the website is highly prohibited without initialpermission from SocialUpdate. Nothing contained herein shall be construed as granting any license by SocialUpdate to use any item exhibited.

You may copy information (images, videos, names, logos, articles, etc.)only for personal use but you need to copy the source manifestations and the copyright conditions also. We, SocialUpdate don’tallow to do any kind of modifications to the document you copied, modifications of the articles or images and any kind of disturbance with copyright mark are strictly prohibited. Although, some information (images, videos, names, logos, articles, etc.)have been published or exhibited on this website with the permission of the pertinent copyright owners (excluding SocialUpdate). All rights are reserved on to copythose information.However, the sources of those information are provided within those documents/photographs or at the bottom of the page).

SocialUpdate takes no responsibility for the content of external Internet websites (may provided in hyperlink to make you better understand the content). Websites excluding, which we link to,are not owned and operated by SocialUpdate. They are maintained by third parties and we,SocialUpdate have no control over them. The fact that we include links to other websites does not mean that SocialUpdate approve any other third party websites or the contents of thosewebsites. We accept no responsibility for any statements, information, products or services that are published on or are accessible through any websites owned or operated by the third parties.

If you provide us any kind of communication material by posting on any public area of the website including any the like, data, questions, comments, suggestions, will be treated as, non-personal or generic information.

If there is any conflict between these terms and conditions and rules (specific terms) of use coming out on this website relating to specific material then the latter shall prevail.

If these terms and conditions are violated of not fully accepted, the use of this website must be discontinued instantly.

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